Software Tools Installation Guide

Install Requirements for Xilinx® development boards


This guide will explain where to get and how to install and license the Xilinx Design tools and necessary software and drivers needed to get started with any Xilinx® development board. This guide will include where to download and how to install: Vivado™ Design Suite, Integrated Software Environment (ISE®) design tools, ChipScope™ Pro logic analyzer, Embedded Tools (including Embedded Development Kit (EDK) and standalone Software Development Kit (SDK), PlanAhead™, Silicon Laboratories drivers needed for USB-to-Mini-B cable (for UART), and recommend HyperTerminal programs.

Downloading/Installing Xilinx Design Tools:

Xilinx offers Vivado and ISE Design suites for download. Vivado primarily used to build IP and system-centric designs from the ground up while ISE Design Suite unlocks full potential of Xilinx Targeted Design Platforms with configurations for logic, embedded, and DSP designs.

Step 1: Obtaining the Software
  1. If you received a Xilinx Design Tools DVD, proceed to Step 2 “Install Software”.
  2. If you need to download the latest software, follow the steps below.
    1. If you need to download the latest software, follow the steps below. To begin, open an internet browser and navigate to
    2. To download the Xilinx Design Tools
      • Select the Design Tools tab in the web page.
      • Under the Version heading, click the version of the tools you want to download.
      • Click the link for the installer you want to download.
      • Note: Beginning in 2012.3/14.3, there is a Multiple File Download option. This option contains four smaller downloadable archives and is the recommended option for customers who cannot reliably download the larger install f iles. This option requires that all four f iles listed in the section be downloaded prior to running the installer. See Important Information area of the web page section for more details.
      • Note: For 14.x, the installers under the Xilinx Design Tools heading also contain the standalone selections for the Software Development Kit and Lab Tools. Depending on your use case, you may not need to download these separate installation programs if you are downloading the Xilinx Design Tools installers.
  3. Enter your User ID and Password to log into your Xilinx account. An address verification screen will appear. If you do not have a Xilinx account, you must create one in order to download products.
  4. 4. Once the current address is correct, click Next.
Step 2: Installation

Note: When you get to the section on obtaining a license see Step 3 “Redeeming your Voucher License”

  1. If you have a voucher please follow the steps below.
    • Product Licensing Site
      • To access the Product Licensing Site directly, go to . You must first sign in. If you already have a Xilinx user account, enter your user ID and password, and then confirm your contact information is current. If you do not have an account, click the Create Account button.
    • Creating a License Key File.
      • The Create New Licenses tab on the Product Licensing Site is the starting point for license key file generation. The design tools and IP product entitlements you have purchased or wish to evaluate are shown in the product entitlement table.
    • Selecting Products
      • To begin the license generation process for products you have purchased or want to evaluate:
        • 1. Select a product licensing account from the Account drop-down list.
        • 2.Enter product voucher codes for design tools or IP product licenses purchased with kits or for tools purchased from the Xilinx online store (optional). And select Redeem Now
        • 3. Make your product selection from the product entitlement table.
          • The type of product entitlements available are Full (purchased), No Charge, or Evaluation. Full and No Charge licenses have a subscription period of one year. Design tools evaluation is for 30 days. IP evaluations are for 120 days. Floating and node-locked licenses cannot be combined in the same license key file.
        • Note: A floating license resides on a network server and enables applications to check out a license when they are invoked. At any one time, the number of licenses for simultaneous users is restricted to the number of license seats purchased. A node-locked license allows for the use of a single seat of a product entitlement on a specific machine.
    • Generating a License
      • 1.Click the Generate License button corresponding to the type of license key file you are generating (floating or node-locked). The license generation form shown below appears
      • 2.Select the number of seats required for each product license.
        • This is for floating licenses only. All node-locked licenses are for one seat. The number of seats available for a product entitlement is automatically maintained by the system. The Requested Seats field is populated, by default, with the full number of seats remaining on the product entitlement. A product is removed from the product entitlement table if all seats have been activated.
      • 3.Enter system information
        • System information is pre-populated in the option menu if you arrived at the Product Licensing Site from a link within the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM). A redundant server configuration provides a fail over for the license manager software. As long as two of the three servers are running, the license manager can continue to run. If you do not have pre-populated system information, or if you want to add a different host, select the Add a host option.
        • The host ID value uniquely identifies the machine to which your design tools or IP is licensed. You may choose a host ID type to be a MAC address, a hard drive serial number, a dongle ID, or a Solaris host ID.
          • 4.Adding a comment :Adding a comment to the license key file makes it easier for an administrator to track the allocation of design tools and IP product entitlements among users.
          • 5. Click Next
            • The Review License Request form opens.
          • 6. Review your selections.
          • 7. If you are satisfied with your selections, click Next.
          • 8.You will also receive a license generation confirmation email. This message contains the generated license key file as an attachment. Add ‘moc.woneltitne|noitacifiton.xnilix#moc.woneltitne|noitacifiton.xnilix’ as a trusted sender in your email address book.
            • If you do not receive your license by email, you can download it directly from the Xilinx Licensing Site. See the Managing License Key Files section in the “Xilinx Design Tools:Installation and Licensing Guide”
  • Installing Your License Key File
    • After generating a license file, you will receive an e-mail from moc.woneltitne|noitacifiton.xnilix#moc.woneltitne|noitacifiton.xnilix.
    • 1.Save the license file attached to the e-mail to a temporary directory on your local system.
    • 2.Run the Xilinx License Configuration Manager:
      • For Windows: Select Start > All Programs > Xilinx Design Tools 14.4 >Accessories > Manage Xilinx Licenses
    • 3.Click Copy License at the top of the Manage Xilinx Licenses tab
    • 4.Browse to your license file (Xilinx.lic) and click Open
    • 5.This copies the license file to the C:\.Xilinx (Windows) or <Home>/.Xilinx directory of your computer where it will be automatically found by the Xilinx tools
    • 6. When the Copy License operation is complete, the table on the Manage Xilinx Licenses tab is updated with licensing information from the license file.
    • 7. Click Close to exit the Xilinx License Configuration Manager.
Silicon Labs
  • When using a Xilinx Development Board with a USB UART port use your mini-B USB cable to connect the USB UART port on the board to a PC. If the driver for this CP210x USB to UART bridge is recognized by your PC you may go to the next section, suggested HyperTerminal. If your USB to UART is not automatically recognized, the driver can be found and downloaded from the Silicon Labs website linked below.
Silicon Labs Website and installation process
  1. Go to:
  2. Select the appropriate driver for your machine (VCP driver Kit)
  3. Unzip CP210x_VCP_Windows to a directory
  4. Double click on CP210xVCPInstaller_x64 (orX86 depending on the machine)
  5. Agree to the license agreement and select finish when done.
Suggested Hyper Terminal Programs

Note: Xilinx uses the TeraTerm Pro (HyperTerminal) program for illustrative purposes. Other programs can be used.

The list provided below, are some Hyper Terminal programs that can be downloaded and used for interacting with many Xilinx boards. If you do have a terminal program downloaded onto your computer that can interface with serial ports you have completed the installation requirements for your Xilinx Development board.

Upon completing this guide refer back to the Getting Started Guide for your Kit to view the many features that your board has to offer.

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