Installing the Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK)

The Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK) is used for building the PowerPC Linux kernel, Linux applications and u-boot. This page illustrates one way to get the ELDK and install it.

Download ELDK ISO file to your host machine

Download URL for X86:
Also, you should look at for the new relases.

Preparing for Installation

This ISO file has two options, either build DVD or mount iso file to host machine. This document describes how to mount the ISO image, but building a DVD can be done also.

Create a directory for DVD

root> mkdir /media/cdrom

Mount ISO file.

root> mount -o loop -t iso9660 ppc-2008-04-01.iso /media/cdrom


Create a directory where to install.

root> mkdir /opt/ELDK /opt/ELDK/4.2

Go back to DVD

root> cd /media/cdrom

Start to install

root> ./install -d /opt/ELDK/4.2 ppc_4xx
root> cd /opt/ELDK/4.2
root> source eldk_init 4xx
root> /media/cdrom/ELDK_FIXOWNER -a ppc_4xx
root> /media/cdrom/ELDK_MAKEDEV -a ppc_4xx


Installation is completed. The ELDK tools can be used.
Source the script to initialize CROSS_COMPILE and setup paths to use the tools before compiling anything for powerpc.

root> source /opt/ELDK/4.2/eldk_init 4xx


More detail:

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