Embedded Linux

The purpose of this page is to gather links to documentation that are specific to Embedded Linux. It seems that this kind of documentation can be more difficult to find on the web.


Memory Management Approach for Swapless Embedded Systems

Xilinx Application Notes

XAPP1127, XPS LL Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC Performance with Monta Vista Linux


XAPP1129, Integrating an EDK Custom Peripheral with a LocalLink Interface into Linux


XAPP1137, Linux Operating System Software Debugging Techniques With Xilinx Embedded Development Platforms


XAPP1140, Embedded Platform Software and Hardware In-the-Field Upgrade Using Linux


Other Resources (unsupported)

Using U-Boot With The Xilinx ML507

u-boot on the ML507 how-to pdf
Xilinx EDK system for u-boot on the ML507 zipped

MicroBlaze and Nano-X GUI

Microblaze and Nano X Guide Tar File

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