Update 24 SEPT 2012
The wiki is currently undergoing maintance and re-organization of the categories found in the sidebar on the left. During this time, quick links previously found in the sidebar may be unavailable. Please use the List All Pages link to see the master list of pages during this time.

Welcome to the Xilinx Open Source Wiki site. The goal of this site is to provide technical information and collaborate with the community on Open Source projects that are being done in Xilinx. Xilinx also provides a Git repository to help with open source development and collaboration, and all sources can be downloaded from the GIT repository.

Xilinx strives to push code into open source repositories such as the Linux kernel mainline, but this takes time. This site focuses on Xilinx’s unique open source solutions, and does not provide tutorials that can be found on other web sites and in books. Xilinx expects new users to Linux to reference other materials along with the contents on this wiki site.

Xilinx leverages the Open Source solution and customizes it to support its processing platform by adding software drivers, BSP, reference designs, etc.

Open Source Linux on the Zynq™ All Programmable SoC is supported by the Xilinx Support Center for Xilinx provided customizations. For issues that need to be addressed by Technical Support, please open a case at http://support.xilinx.com.

While the Xilinx Support Center does assist with Zynq AP SoC related issues, Open Source Linux on MicroBlaze™ and PowerPC® processors is not supported through cases. Please feel free to ask questions on the Xilinx embedded forums about Linux on MicroBlaze or PowerPC processors but a commercial distribution will be able to assist with issues beyond what the forum can address.


With the addition of Zynq, the MicroBlaze and PowerPC information that was previously at the top level has now been moved under the Archive section. The information in these pages will be consolidated with the new top level to provide a cleaner solution that is consistent across all Xilinx processors.



The linux-xlnx repository from git.xilinx.com has been updated to be a 3.3 kernel. This kernel still has a few issues for MicroBlaze and PowerPC that are being worked out. Users of MicroBlaze and PowerPC should reset to the xilinx-14.1-build3 tag for the last stable release until these issues are resolved. This was not intentional as the goal is the top of the tree to always work (it does for Zynq).

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